The time-lapse functionality of your LUMIX camera gives you the ability to tell stories using time as a major element. Using a shoot in Hood River, Oregon to showcase this feature, Mark Toal explains how to utilize this setting as he helps record a thirty day timelapse of a Rat Rod car build for a competition.

I never thought I would have any use for the time-lapse feature that’s built-into my LUMIX camera. Then I meet a group of guys in Hood River, Oregon that asked me to record thirty days they had to build a Rat Rod car for a competition.

I went online and learned as much as I could about time lapse, set up a Panasonic LUMIX G6 that was clamped to a support beam in their garage in Hood River and took over 14,000 images over a 28-day period. I set the camera to shoot a photo every two minutes. Twice a week I would go out and put in a new SD card

It’s easy to set up in any Panasonic LUMIX camera that supports time-lapse. The directions shown in this video are for the LUMIX LX100 but are the same for other Panasonic cameras.

I learned that the easiest way to assemble the images is by using Apple’s QuickTime Pro software for the Mac OS or Windows. I found this tutorial on YouTube that perfectly explains the process . You can easily edit the finished time lapse video in QuickTime Pro or any video editing program.

View the original video here.

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