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A Stylist’s Insight on 4k

A lot of people ask me where my inspiration for fashion comes from. I draw my inspiration from everywhere. Fashion wasn’t my first love though. I was in the music scene and found myself loving the style of people and how music was influencing that style. In terms of my fashion inspiration, I enjoy street wear and minimal monochromatic clothing. I also look to female content creators on YouTube. They have paved the way for people like me in the fashion and style landscape of YouTube.

There are two types of YouTube viewers. One watches YouTube for tutorials and or viral videos while the other subscribes to channels and specific content creators. By subscribing to channels, it allows the viewer to create deeper connections with the content creator. What I enjoy most about being a content creator is seeing my work affect different people in different countries. I receive messages from people all over the world letting me know that I have inspired their fashion choices or to work out and get healthy. I love the creative control that I have from the edits, to filming to lighting. There is a real authenticity that I believe shines through in the work.

Before I invested in my new gear, I was making some very amateur looking videos. I was not happy with them due to my lack of knowledge and practice. I have now moved over to the Panasonic LUMIX GH4. I was intrigued with 4K video and workflow. Once I began using the camera, I noticed my workflow changed completely. It used to take me hours to shoot a video due to all the different angles I wanted to obtain. With 4K video, I can crop, pan and zoom in to individual areas of my frame without losing quality. I can zoom in up to 200% in my frame and still be at full 1080p.  Having the right tools in front of you allows you to look inward and create content that will hopefully inspire your viewers.

My ultimate goal would be to create my own line of clothing or men’s skin care products, write a book, develop podcasts or even become a correspondent in the fashion and style world. Being in the fashion world means tackling it from every angle possible, and with my work, I hope to be able to obtain these goals in the future.

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