Marketing your Photography Business Free Intro Session


This free intro session will be split into two parts – part one is social media marketing for photographers and part two is user experience for your photography website. This workshop will be run by industry experts who make a living helping companies and individuals successfully brand and market themselves. If you are into the business of photography, this is one event you don’t want to miss.


When: Feb. 11th 7-9pm

Where: 5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, ON (use side entrance marked Human Resources)

Cost: Free



Part One: How to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Photography Business (1 hour)


5 reasons why social media is awesome for your Photography Business


  1. You are able to do it yourself
  2. An effective way to keep customers informed
  3. Great content drives sales
  4. Easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics
  5. Inexpensive or FREE


In this workshop, you will learn


  • Which platforms are best for you: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr
  • How to decide what kind of content to post, at what times and how often and creating a

content calendar to keep organized

  • Tips in acquiring meaningful new contacts, potential clients and strategic partnerships
  • How to choose the right #hashtag for your business
  • How to participate in a Hashtag trend to get more followers
  • Review new tools that can help you generate content, schedule posts, and manage your

social presence better


At the end of this workshop, you will be confident to launch your first full week of posts… even if

your following is only a couple of people to start.

Sign up today to learn how to run your social media platforms to get more business while

having fun and learning lots!



Instructor: Hollie Hoadley:

A business coach and social media adviser that gets very excited about helping entrepreneurs grow their business and optimize revenue streams. A self proclaimed hustler with a brain that doesn’t stop. Extremely creative and analytical – she is a professional problem solver that will work tirelessly to get you results. A startup specialist with a passion for business, digital marketing, branding & networking.


Part Two: The first steps on how to make your own Professional Photography Website. (1 hour)


In this workshop, Jean-Christophe Pilaprat will be leading a step by step walkthrough – from getting your first domain to selling online. This will also include tips and best practices for starting your own web presence.


If you are a photographer who’s interested in having their first site or you already have one but want to improve its quality, this workshop is for you.


Topics include:


Get your own

Learn how to correctly setup a domain and making sure it’s the right one for your site.


Show your personality with a personal website

Find the best fit for your online presence from portfolio sites to content management systems.


Stand out with a custom logo

What should your logo be and ways of making your own or getting one made for you.


Pick the right photos for your online portfolio

Picking the right photo and the right text for your site


Give your visitors a reason to contact you about your services

Find your audience and make it easy to start selling online.



Be ready to take notes and ask questions. Come join us for a great start to your future online presence.


Instructor: Jean-Christophe Pilaprat

User Experience Design Web Manager

Jean-Christophe Pilaprat is an award winning User Experience Expert. For 15+ Years he’s helped startups and companies with their brand and web presence. He takes a holistic approach to your goals and projects taking advantage of online best practices. From an idea, to a marketing campaign, to the design

of your brand. He can help you find out what your users really want, discover your minimum viable product (MVP), using service design solutions.


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