4K to the Extreme!

4K to the Extreme!

By: Tyler Knight

Skateboarding and Tyler Knight

My name is Tyler Knight and I am a videographer and photographer from Orillia Canada and the owner and operator of Knight Vision Video and Photo.

Today we are in downtown Toronto Canada to shoot some action photography at the local skate park using off camera strobes and speed lights.

I’m a skateboarder and have I been skating for over 14 years. I love it because it’s a great community – these are the happiest group of people when they’re all skating together. The skateboarders I know are artists, photographer and musicians. It is a very creative sport!

I grew up surrounded by skateboarding and snowboarding and this helped to shape me as a person as well as the route I took professionally. I did not find my career path while attending school. It was something that came to me after realizing that I am passionate about videography and sport.

Recently, a friend of mine got me interested in strobe photography and off camera speed lights to help shape my images and take my photography to a new level. Using strobes to freeze fast action is ideal in a setting like a skate park.

I shoot in 4K with a Panasonic LUMIX GH4 because it makes everything easier. Having an Electronic Viewfinder is a huge bonus when it comes to action photography. You can shoot and view your image right in the eye piece without taking your face away from the camera – this is an added benefit when the action is happening at a rapid pace.