Mark Toal has been taking photos for a large portion of his life. Mark’s industry expertise ranges from photo processing, professional photo shoots and most recently the LUMIX camera trainer for Panasonic Canada. Mark is an avid mirrorless shooter. The size and ease of use of mirrorless have made Mark’s photography stand out. You can see his photos at  Mark Toal Photography or you can read his weekly Mirrorless camera blog posts at Mirrorless Photo Tips


Swivel and Tough Shooting

Travelling with a Mirrorless Camera

4k Photo Example


Panasonic LUMIX GH4 Tethered Photography (How-to)

Timelapse Video

Variable Frame Rate GH4

Mirrorless Cameras + Wifi

  • NameMark Toal
  • LocationPortland, Oregon
  • SpecialtyTravel, Portrait,
    Car Photography
    plus educational videos
Train Steam in Black and White
Man Taking Photographs
Train at Night in Black and White
Bonneville Dam
Chelsea Hotel
Gold Race Car
Light Inside
Larry Installing Super Heaters
Portrait of Lou
Water Tanks
Street at Dusk
Photo of Mark at the Library
Wooden Wheelbarrow and Rope
Portrait of Sara in Black and White
San Francisco Police Car
Willamette Fall Sunset
Mount Shasta in Black and White
Bowling Lanes at Bass Pro Shop
Storm in CA
Portland Sunrise
Train and Locomotive Engineers
Lizard Macro Photo
Portrait of a Woman in Wool Hat
Portrait of NAB Jennie
Black and White Picture of a Cemetery
Black and White Portrait of a Woman
Light Tower
Palm Leaf
Plane Sunrise Mt Hood
PS Styles
Spokane River
Timing Belt
Virgiania City Sheriff
Portrait of a Woman
Train on Tracks at Night
Seattle Architecture