Marlene Hielema


Marlene Hielema
Marlene Hielema
Skateboarding, plus educational blog posts and videos
Calgary, Alberta


Marlene Hielema is a photographer and photo educator in Calgary. She teaches photography online and in the classroom. Marlene likes working with beginners and she encourages her students to get everything set up “right” in the camera. Marlene is deeply involved in the Calgary skateboarding community. She loves to skateboard and shoot skateboarding action photos and videos, and working one-on-one with skaters to get the best shots. She’s not afraid to point her camera into the sun, and loves playing with light and shadow. For more information, courses and resources, check out her photography web site at ImageMaven

Current Gear List:

Camera: LUMIX GX8
Camera: LUMIX GH3
Camera: LUMIX GM5 with 12-32 Kit lens
LUMIX 7-14 f4 lens
LUMIX 12-35 f2.8 lens
LUMIX 35-100 f2.8 lens
LUMIX MS2 Shotgun Mic
LUMIX FL360 Flash
Lighting: LEDGo 1200 LED light panels, for video and stills

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