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Video Production

Alex Carignan
Alex Carignan
Video production, events, weddings, corporate gigs, commercials, obstacle races, music videos, travel
Montreal, Canada


I make a living off of video production since the age of 17, back when my trusty GH3 came along on countless events, obstacle races, corporate gigs, impromptu photoshoots and my first travels. I’ve since owned many GH4s, which I’ve used through snowstorms and canicules, in deserts and jungles, always delivering images that satisfied my clients’ high expectations and, most importantly, mine. I now own a GH5, which allows me to stay on the cutting edge of technology and, when paired with the right lens, still gets me those “wow, you can do that with this camera!?”.

January 2018. One country, 30 days, 3600km on a motorbike. Many adventures, a lot of great food, a few scares on the road and a whole bunch of fun later, here is the most intense travel video I’ve ever produced. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Morocco, a travel film shot over 3 weeks using only a GH4 and a 12-35mm Lumix lens with a cheap Rode microphone

Colomba, a music videos shot by myself for friends in an abandoned church (on the GH5)

This short untitled video I made for an optician