Jean Chartrand


Jean Chartrand
Jean Chartrand
Wedding, portrait, architecture, food
Ottawa, ON Canada


Jean is an Ottawa based photographer with over 30 years of experience in the photographic field.

After graduating from the photographic program at Algonquin College, Jean began working for the National Film Board in Ottawa as a darkroom technician making prints for a variety of corporate clients. He also had the opportunity to print for a couple of well-known photographers Yousuf Karsh and Malak Karsh.

During this time he had a chance to work at his creative artistic approach to photography while going out on assignments. Over the years Jean continued to expand his knowledge and competency by attending workshops and seminars of various master photographers. He is also a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) where he continues his education by going to conventions and entering in National and Provincial Image Salons.

In 2011, Jean received the designation of Master of the Photographic Arts (MPA) from the PPOC and in 2014 his 1st Masters Bar. And in 2012 PPOC-ON awarded him the title of Commercial Photographer of the Year for Ontario. Jean also holds seven National PPOC Accreditations, over 45 salon print ribbons, 4 Best of Class Architecture Awards, 2 Best of Class Press Awards and 1 Best of Class Editorial Award and one image in the National Loan Collection.

Being a commercial photographer Jean shoots a variety of product, corporate events, headshots, food, press, architecture and weddings. When asked what he likes to shoot when he has free time his reply was easy “I like to shoot architecture because for me I find it very calming, challenging and a chance to be a little creative. And I have been interested in getting into mirrorless cameras and the Panasonic GX8 has features that I find very interesting and I’m looking forward to see how far I can push this camera”