Joe Desjardins

Photographer, Speaker

Joe Desjardins
Joe Desjardins
Wildlife, Landscape, Nature, Instructor, Workshop Leader and Speaker
Calgary, Alberta


For nearly three decades, Joe has been immersed in the world of photography. He began his career as a studio photographer in northern Ontario, Canada. Growing up in this remote area afforded him the opportunity to learn his craft while exploring the outdoors, making nature and landscape photograph a perfect fit.

Joe works as a professional photographer out of the Calgary, Alberta region, focusing mainly on wildlife and landscape photography. He spends a lot of his time sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm through teaching, workshops and speaking engagements.

Teaching has become a large part of his photography life. Joe loves the enthusiasm that the students bring to the classroom both indoors and out.

Joe is an award-winning and nationally published photographer that has garnered multiple national accreditations in a variety of disciplines including equine, landscape, nature, wildlife and more. Joe has also garnered the designation of Master Photographer (MPN) in Nature Photography with MPIO, Master Photographers International.

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