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Robyn Brown
Robyn Brown
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Rob is a curious blend of traditionalism fused with a fascination for new technology and the future of photography. A film photographer at first, Rob still shoots and develops film, all the while exploring emerging technologies in an effort to bridge the old and the new. The mirrorless platform presents an opportunity to combine high resolution imaging technology with a lighter, cleaner connection to the image subject. Rob found in the GX8 a camera that embodied the same curious fusion and purity he aspires to with his own style of photography.

Rob has travelled far and wide in pursuit of captivating street & lifestyle photography. His adventures have taken him through overwhelmingly popular, and remarkably remote destinations alike, but if you want to know all about his absolute favorite travel destination, top of the list, bar none… you’ll have to find him on social media and pry that info from him yourself – he seems determined to keep that one a secret.

Rob has exhibited almost exclusively for charity and fundraising efforts he believes in, and is an avid volunteer for good causes. One of his favorite organizations is Casa Luz in Costa Rica – he and a team travelled there to help with expansion construction, and to photograph the young moms and their children taking refuge. They printed the pictures and helped create photo books as the moms shared stories of their troubled lives, each expressing how much it meant to have pictures of their families smiling and happy.

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