Steeve Duguay


Steeve Duguay
Steeve Duguay
Photojournalism, portraits, event photography and travel photography
Montreal, Joliette (QC), Canada


Steeve Duguay has been a professional photographer for more than twenty years. An independent photographer, he specializes in photojournalism, portraits, corporate and travel photography,

For several years, Steeve Duguay freelanced for the French press agency France Presse (AFP). In 2012, the agency chose some of his photos of protests as “photos of the week” and “photos of the year.” He spent six years as the press photographer for Montreal’s Mйtro daily newspaper.

Now, Steeve is a freelance photographer and works for the media, organizations and corporations.

For Steeve Duguay, mirrorless camera systems are the future of photography. In addition to his professional activities, Steeve will regularly share his thoughts and advice on this site.


Lumix GX8 camera
Lumix 7-14mm/f4 lens
Lumix 12-35mm/f2.8 lens
Lumix 35-100mm/f2.8 lens
Leica 42.5mm/f1.2 lens

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