Un Cercle


Un Cercle
Un Cercle – Pauline Barré & Mickael Samama
Landscape, travel, portrait, video
Montreal, Canada


We are a French duo of photographers living in Canada for 6 years now. This country that has inspired our common passion for images and especially for the outdoors. We share this collaboration on “uncercle.com” which is our travel diary and collection of memories. What do we love above all? Getting off the beaten track. Each time exploration calls us and consumes us! There is always this quest for new things, a permanent desire to see, meet and contemplate. Mike has a very technical background; he is more of a scientific and creative type. Pauline brings some different viewing angles; she’s much more poetic and sensitive. This harmonizing is our strength.

What’s motivates us to explore? Definitely losing the sense of time while on a trip, driving hours to go even further, or higher, disconnecting from our daily routine where all is going too fast, rediscovering simple pleasures, as well as regaining a form of freedom. When you are in front of Europe’s largest glacier, it makes you feel very small and it brings things back to their right place: it feels great!

We find our inspiration everywhere and all the time. The simplest things are often the most inspiring for us. One melody, a book, a picture, even a texture. We’ve learned to keep our eyes wide open, to pay particular attention to sounds and then to look further to see what is behind. Of course there is that special passion we have for grey skies, fogs, cold and unusual locations that is very present in our universe. Extreme elements and lonely lands, that is what inspires us the most.